CrewCTF 2024

CrewCTF has been...



  1. Do not attack the infrastructure. This includes or any external communication channels or other platforms associated with CrewCTF.
  2. All flags are of the format crew{[a-zA-Z0-9_,.'"?!@$*:-+ ]+} unless otherwise noted in the challenge description. Do not bruteforce flags.
  3. Be respectful - regardless of skill level or any other factor. We will not tolerate derogatory and discriminatory language or behavior of any kind.
  4. Make a good-faith attempt on challenges before asking for help from authors.
  5. Do not ask for help on challenges outside of tickets. Competitors should report unsolicited help requests in tickets.
  6. Only collaborate with the people in your team. Do not share flags or methodology outside of your team.
  7. Do not bruteforce the online infrastructure - it is not necessary for any challenge.
  8. Decisions of admins are final. Don't argue.


Placement Prizes
  • $1000
  • 1x PEN-200 Course & Cert. Bundle
  • 5x RET2 Wargames Tokens
  • 5x HTB VIP (1 year)
  • 5x HTB ProLabs Access
  • CrewCTF 2024 Swag
  • $600
  • 1x PEN-200 Course & Cert. Bundle
  • 3x RET2 Wargames Tokens
  • 5x HTB VIP (1 year)
  • CrewCTF 2024 Swag
  • $400
  • 2x RET2 Wargames Tokens
  • 5x HTB VIP (6 months)
  • CrewCTF 2024 Swag
  • CrewCTF 2024 Swag
  • CrewCTF 2024 Swag